City of Lawrence

Department of Public Works



David L. Corliss, City Manager


Shoeb Uddin, City Engineer


Chuck Soules, Matt Bond, Dena Mezger, David Woosley, Jonathan Douglas, Cynthia Boecker, Diane Stoddard


April 01, 2008


19th Street (Ohio Street to Alabama Street), Geometric Improvements

Project No. 61-GI2-1104(C) – Construction Engineering Agreement

Resolution to issue General Obligation Bonds, Authority To Award Contract, and Commitment Of City Funds.


Please include the following item on the City Commission consent  Regular agenda for consideration at the April 08, 2008 meeting:


Project Details

This project includes geometric improvements on 19th Street between Ohio Street and Alabama Street. More specifically, the improvements will include widening of existing pavement width to add and lengthen center/left turn lanes on 19th Street, installation of a bus turn-out for school buses on Louisiana Street (all costs associated with the bus turn out will be paid by USD 497), mill and overlay, construction of a sidewalk on the north side of 19th Street, reconstruction of sidewalk on the south side of 19th Street, construction of storm water inlets, and traffic signal improvements at the intersection of 19th and Louisiana.  This project also includes replacement and relocation of an old 1930’s water main and sanitary sewer improvements, the entire cost of which will be paid by the Utilities Department.

Project Status / Funding

Bid opening for this project was held at the headquarters of KDOT in Topeka on March 19, 2008. LRM Industries, Inc. of Lawrence, Kansas was the lowest responsible bidder. Construction is expected to begin at the earliest date possible.


LRM Bid Price:

KDOT Construction Engineering Cost (3%):


$     35,950.00



Total Construction Cost:

Federal Matching Funds:





Total funds to be remitted to KDOT:

$   940,285.00, rounded to $941,000.00 by KDOT


Construction Cost Break-down:


1.  Water Line

$ 306,720.00 (to be paid by the Utilities Dept.)

2.  Sanitary Sewer

$   79,520.40 (to be paid by the Utilities Dept.)

3.  Storm Water

$ 109,488.24 (to be paid from storm water fund)

4.  Bus Turn Out

$   92,427.16 (USD 497)


$ 588,155.80



Total General Funds needed:

$ 352,844.20    ($941,000 - $588,155.80)



Total CIP Budget (2008) for this project:

$ 500,000.00


On November 23, 2004, the City Commission passed resolution 6571 authorizing the issuance of General Obligation Bonds for this project for a principal maximum amount of $250,000.00.


Project Cost Summary:

Engineering Design Fee:

Title search, bonding fee and miscellaneous


$    5,000.00



Total approximate project cost to date (April 01, 2008):




General Funds Remaining: (250,000.00 – 121,597.22):




General Funds needed (from previous page):

$ 352,844.20



Additional General Obligation Bonds needed:

$ 224,441.42, rounded to

(352,844.20 – 128,402.78 = $224,441.42)    

$250,000.00 to account for

contingency during construction


Traffic Control/Schedule

The project schedule is very aggressive relative to the amount of work to be completed before the school opens for fall semester. The contractor will begin construction as soon as all necessary paper work is completed and all the necessary funds are in place.


Currently, it is anticipated that 19th Street will be closed for the time period of May 23 to August 04, 2008. This limitation does not restrict all other construction activities that can be done on this project as long as traffic flow remains unrestricted. Detours using Massachusetts, 23rd Street, 15th Street, and Naismith Drive will be established. City staff will provide construction engineering / inspection services for this project.


Actions Requested

●          Authorize the Mayor to sign the Construction Engineering Agreement with KDOT for         construction    of Project No. 61-GI2-1104(C) for the improvement of 19th Street from            Ohio Street to Alabama Street.          


●          Approve Resolution 6762 authorizing the issuance of General Obligations Bonds for a      principal maximum amount of $250,000.00


●          Authorize the Mayor to sign the “Authority To Award Contract and Commitment Of City     Funds”.





Construction Engineering Agreement

Resolution No. 6762

Authority to Award Contract and Commitment of City Funds