City Budget


The Annual Budget Process


The City Commission has started the process to develop city’s 2017 budget. Budgets define the city's priorities and provide a way to organize and plan how and when we use city funds. Public input and engagement in this process is critical. We will offer many ways for our community to provide comments and feedback as we develop the 2017 budget.

Get Involved: Listening Sessions, Study Sessions & Surveys

Lawrence Listens

Over the next few months, the City Commission will provide numerous ways to get involved and participate in planning the budget.

The city held two Community Budget Meetings on May 12 and May 16 for residents to provide input on priorities. We have a Lawrence Listens survey online now that asks respondents to provide feedback on 21 different budget categories.

City Commission Budget Work Sessions

2017 Funding Applications

Agency Funding Materials

Each year, the city provides an opportunity for outside agencies and organizations that act as a vendor for the city to submit funding requests.

Budget Archives

Question about past funding or budgets? View our archives.