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Now Hiring

Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical is currently accepting applications for Extraboard Firefighter. To read more about a career with us, please read the Extraboard Firefighter Packet (PDF).

Application deadline is Monday, December 8, 2014. To apply go to:

Other links: Career Opportunities.


Thanksgiving Holiday Safety

Holidays are times we share the kitchen with family and friends, start putting up holiday decorations, and travel to see family and friends. Make it a goal this year to practice safety through out the holiday season by sharing these safety tips:

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Cold and Flu Prevention

It’s not possible to predict what this flu season will be like. Flu seasons are unpredictable in a number of ways. While flu spreads every year, the timing, severity, and length of the season usually varies from one season to another. People are exposed to cold and flu germs every day, here are a few suggestions to help you stay healthy when everyone around you is sick.

Cold and Flu Season


Autumn Safety

As leaves begin to fall and temperatures start to drop, autumn presents many opportunities to prevent safety hazards in and around your home, keeping your family safe.

Here are some tips to prepare for the change in seasons:

Autumn Safety


Fire Chief's Message

Thank you for visiting the Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical Department website. The men and women of this department recognize our responsibility to help ensure the safety of the people in our City. We consider public service a privilege and value the trust given by the people we serve. We are committed to saving and protecting lives and property.

As the Fire Chief, I take it as my personal responsibility to make this community as safe as possible, but I need your help. We are entering that time of year when temperatures change quickly with one day bitterly cold and the next pleasantly cool. Whatever the weather, November is also when many people prepare for the holidays and we hope that you will make safety regarding fireplaces, furnaces, food, and family a priority! We want you to enjoy the holidays, so take some time now to review the health and safety topics below with your family, co-workers, neighbors and friends. Following a few safety tips can ensure the holidays are safe and enjoyable for everyone in our community

Fire: Fall evokes images of candles burning and the warmth of a fireplace. Holiday or not, never leave a candle or fireplace burning without adult supervision. Place all fireplace ashes in a non-combustible container and place outdoors away from buildings and other combustible materials. - Fireplace & Wood Stove Safety

Furnaces: Before you turn on your furnace, you might want to make sure that it only blows warm air and not smoke! Have your furnace inspected and maintained. Make sure you use a portable heater appropriately, and never use an extension cord with heaters! - Fire Safety in the Home

Food: The holidays are all about food and the kitchen is the setting of more fires than any other room in the house. Did you know that cooking is the leading cause of home fires? Keep a close eye on all foods while they are cooking and keep children away from hot stoves, pans, and food. Turkey fryers can be dangerous so review safety tips and fryer instructions before using one. - Cooking & Grilling Safety Tips

Family Health & Safety: Sharing good times with family is the best part of the season. To make sure you only share good times and not a cold or the flu, remember to keep your mouth and nose covered if you cough or sneeze and wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. Remember that severe illnesses can result from contact with raw or undercooked meats. Make sure you wash your hands before and after you handle foods! - Cold and Flu Season

Travel: Lastly, if you travel during the holidays make sure you are prepared with the appropriate clothes, emergency supplies, maps, and information resources. Always make sure everyone wears a seat belt and manage your stress and rest so nothing interferes with creating family holiday memories this season! - Thanksgiving Holiday Safety

Chief Mark Bradford