Draft Plans


Oread Neighborhood Design Guidelines

The Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Office along with Urban Development Services is in the process of developing overlay districts and design guidelines for 5 areas within the Oread neighborhood. These were recommended as one of the initiatives of the Oread Neighborhood Plan which was adopted in 2010. Design guidelines can be a tool to save property owners time and money when making changes to their property and help to retain or improve property values while preserving neighborhood character and foster development that is compatible with the scale and physical character of the original buildings in the area.

Sign up to receive email updates for this process by checking Oread Neighborhood Plan Update under the Public Meetings heading. Questions or comments should be directed to the Planning Office at 785-832-3150.


You can learn more about the guidelines at an upcoming public meeting scheduled at the Lawrence Public Library Auditorium on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 from 6pm to 8pm.


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