Planning Links

Planning and Land Use Organizations

  • American Planning Association (APA) is a non-profit organization representing 30,000 practicing planners, officials, and citizens involved with urban and rural planning issues.
  • University of Kansas College of Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Kansas State University School of Architecture, Planning & Design
  • Planning Commissioner's Journal "Planner's Web" - A resource for new Planning Commissioners or others interested in planning. Includes informative planning articles and reports.
  • Cyburbia contains a large directory of Internet resources relevant to planning, architecture, urbanism, growth and sprawl, and other topics related to the built environment.
  • Urban Land Institute is an institute dedicated to nonpartisan research and education, as well as analyzing, and encouraging responsible patterns for long-term urban growth.
  • National League of Cities is the country's largest and most representative organization serving municipal governments.
  • Planner's Network is an association involved in physical, social, economic and environmental planning in urban and rural areas and in promoting fundamental change in our political and economic system.

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