Lawrence Utilities

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Our Mission

To provide this City we serve with an adequate supply of clean, safe drinking water and properly return this precious resource back to the environment so that its life-sustaining properties can be used for generations to come.

The Department of Utilities is responsible for the following:

  • Treating and distributing the City's drinking water.
  • Maintaining adequate water supply for fire protection.
  • Collecting and treating the City's wastewater.
  • Assuring compliance with all Federal, State, and local regulations regarding water and wastewater facility operations.
  • Ensuring optimum operation of the water distribution and sanitary sewer collection systems.


Establish, Transfer, or Disconnect Water Service or Questions about Your Utility Bill

To establish, transfer, or disconnect your water service or questions about your utility bill, contact:  

Utility Billing division: 832-7878, or