Frequently Asked Questions

Utility Billing

Where do I pay my water bill?

Billing related questions and problems or to establish, transfer, terminate water, sewer and trash services contact Utility Billing at (785) 832-7878.

Water and Wastewater issues

How do I report a water or sewer emergency?

Contact the Department of Utilities at (785) 832-7800 during working hours or to report a water or sewer emergency after business hours or during weekends and holidays.

What services does the Utilities Department provide for the City of Lawrence?

  • Request an application for new installation service on construction
  • Report a water main break/leak
  • Get information about water treatment
  • Report a problem with your sanitary sewer
  • Request maintenance or repair of fire hydrants

Water services

Who do I call about pipe damage?

For water meters, damaged, broken and frozen pipes call (785) 832-7878.

Who do I contact regarding low water pressure?

If you have low water pressure call (785) 832-7878.


How are the sewers maintained?

Public sanitary sewers are maintained by the Utilities Department.

Public storm sewers are maintained by the Public Works Department (785) 832-3143.

Who is responsible for sewer lids in the city?

The City maintains both sanitary and storm sewer lids. For information about sanitary sewer lids, contact the Utilities Department at (785) 832-7800.

Information about storm sewer lids, contact the Public Works at (785) 832-3027