City releases new Lawrence Listens question on police oversight

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City releases new Lawrence Listens question on police oversight

At the City Commission’s December work session, Police Chief Tarik Khatib presented a report with a set of recommendations to increase oversight of the police department and ultimately increase accountability and public trust in the actions of the department. For several years, LPD has implemented programs to address fair and impartial policing policies as well as work to engage the overall community in public safety efforts.  The City Commission would like public feedback on the recommendations outlined below:

  • Make improvements to citizen access for filing a complaint with the department by increasing community outreach and education about the process.
  • Give the Citizens’ Advisory Board for Fair and Impartial Policing additional roles.
  • Expand the monitoring, information collection, oversight, and early warning capabilities of the department by using body cameras and additional data collection.
  • Continue efforts to conduct independent and external reviews of the Police Department.

Each recommendation has a set of key components which may be implemented as part of the overall recommendation.

Go to and complete a quick survey. The survey will be available online from January 9-20. The results will be provided to the City Commission and city staff as part of their process to gather public feedback and input. The topic of police oversight will return to the City Commission in the coming month but a specific timeline has not been set as of yet.