City of Lawrence Utilities Revamps Delinquency Notification Procedures

Kevin PowellCity

Effective June 1, 2017, the City of Lawrence Utilities will no longer accept customer payments at the door. The Utilities Department is implementing this change as a safety precaution for City employees in the field. Any customer who is delinquent on their utility bill payment will have a “Notice of Delinquent Account” included in their next bill. The amount due will be listed on the bill, as well as the date that payment must be received by the City to avoid water service disconnection. If any bill for water or sanitary sewer service remains unpaid for forty (40) days after the bill has been generated, water service may be disconnected.
The City will no longer personally notify customers at their door when their water is being disconnected. When water is disconnected, the door will be tagged to indicate that the water is shut off due to account delinquency. Once water has been disconnected, restoring service will require paying all past due bills plus $50 for trip and re-connection fees.
Credit card or eCheck Payments can be made online at: or by calling 785-832-7878 and pressing “1” to make a payment. (There are no longer any added processing fees when paying with a credit card or eCheck.) Both payment methods will provide the past due balance to help determine the amount of payment needed to restore service. Customers may also call the Utility Billing office at 785-832-7878 and press “2” for account information. The account number, as shown on the top right corner of the bill, is required to make a payment or to access information about an account.
To further enhance the delinquency notification process, the City has launched an automated outbound communication system to provide notification when an account is at risk of disconnection. Any customer with a delinquent account who has a valid email address on file will receive an email notice prior to disconnection, unless they specifically request not to receive those messages. The email message allows for customization that lists name, account number, and amount due while the automated outbound phone message will only alert customers of potential disconnection and will not provide account details. All customers are encouraged to provide an email address. Only those customers who have opted to receive phone notification will receive automated delinquency notification via phone. Customers can opt-in to receive notification at this site: If a customer with a delinquent account does not have an email address on file and has not opted to receive phone notification, they will not be provided additional notification prior to service disconnection.

If you have questions, please contact the Utility Billing office, (785) 832-7878 or