City Installs 100 Kilowatt (kW) Solar Array on Fire & Medical Station No. 5

Porter ArneillCity

As part of its Facilities Conservation Improvement Program (FCIP), the City of Lawrence funded the installation of a 100 kW solar photovoltaic array on Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical Station No. 5 at 1911 Stewart Ave. This 300 panel solar array will:

  • Produce over 137,000 kWh of energy annually, and save the City $12,583 in avoided utility bills. (This is enough to power more than a dozen average homes).
  • Offset 18% of the total energy used at this facility – which includes administrative offices, training facilities, and a Fire Medical station.
  • Reduce the City’s environmental impact, and provide a visible sign of the City’s commitment to sustainability.

Fire Station No. 5 was designed with a south-facing, angled roof that is naturally suited for photovoltaic panels to maximize solar gain. The standing-seam metal roof will last for decades, also making it a perfect site for solar energy production.

This project is one of many funded by the City of Lawrence through the Facilities Conservation Improvement Program, an $11.3 million project to improve energy efficiency of dozens of city facilities.  Other upcoming projects include a citywide LED lighting retrofit, new windows at City Hall, and heating/cooling system upgrades in many key facilities.

The City has hired local firm 360 Energy Engineers to oversee the FCIP program, and local company Good Energy Solutions to design and install the solar array.

For more information, contact: Eileen Horn, Sustainability Director,, (785) 330-3121