Faces of Public Transit exhibit at the Lawrence Library paints a portrait of bus riders

Kevin PowellCity, Transit

People ride the bus for a range of reasons—to save money, to eliminate parking hassles, to create more time for reading or studying during the commute, and to help the environment by using less gas—to name a few. And, some rely on public transit because they don’t own a car, or their family has only one car and multiple people who need to get somewhere.

For all these reasons and more, the Lawrence Transit System is an important link to the community and provides a valuable service.

A new display called ‘Faces of Public Transit’ is now installed at the Lawrence Public Library. It tells the stories of some of the bus riders who comprise the more than 3 million trips taken on Lawrence and KU buses each year.

Erick Ogwangi, along with his wife and two children, is part of a one-car family. When his wife takes their car to her job as a researcher at KU, Erick uses the bus to get around town with his son and daughter. They enjoy riding Route 6 to Sports Pavilion Lawrence a couple times a week to play basketball and get some exercise.

“Riding the bus helps me connect with people in my community,” he says. “And it is a reminder that I need to be in the forefront in protecting the environment.”

The ‘Faces of Public Transit’ display will be at the Library through October. It can also be viewed online at http://lawrencetransit.org/faces-of-public-transit.

Contact: Robert Nugent, transit administrator, (785) 832-3464

Faces of Public Transit display at the Lawrence Public Library