Lawrence highlighted as a destination as part of the 27th annual International Sculpture Center conference

Porter ArneillArts & Culture, City

Lawrence will be a special destination during the International Sculpture Center’s 27th International Sculpture Conference in Kansas City, MO October 24-29, 2017. The conference is entitled, Intersections + Identities and, because the International Sculpture Center started at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, on Saturday, October 28th between 12:30 – 7 p.m., conference attendees will have the opportunity to visit the Lawrence Arts Center, the Spencer Museum of Art and the University of Kansas west campus to gain a hands-on taste of local arts and culture! The public is also invited to attend the open events, demonstrations and the Elden Tefft exhibition at The Center for Design Research at the University of Kansas.

The International Sculpture Center (or ISC) was born 57 years ago at the University of Kansas (KU) in Lawrence as a result of the passion and direction of professor Elden Tefft. (For those not familiar with professor Tefft, he was to sculpture what Johnny Appleseed was to apples. His passion for making, teaching and promoting sculpture is legendary, particularly in Lawrence and the region.)

In 1960, Professor Tefft organized the first National Sculpture Conference and, with that conference, the International Sculpture Center was born. As one of professor Tefft’s students and long-time friend, Karl Ramberg said, “The very nature and substance of the world of sculpture changed between the years of 1960 and 1976. Sculpture became a much broader category of fine arts. The changes that happened in those years didn’t necessarily happen in Lawrence but Lawrence was where the people making those changes came to talk and argue about the evolution of sculpture.”

Since then, the ISC has continued to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of its members and the field of sculpture. Today, after 50 years of service to the field, the ISC’s progressive programs, conferences, symposia, and publications serve a growing international membership and educate the profession and the public about contemporary sculpture.

On October 28th, Intersect Lawrence will draw on the legacy of the International Sculpture Center with an afternoon of curated historical exhibitions at the Spencer Museum of Art and the Lawrence Arts Center, as well as demonstrations of wood milling, stone carving, and iron casting at the University of Kansas west campus. Students and faculty from the Johnson County Community College Department of Fine Arts will also be on hand to participate in the iron casting.

The demonstrations and an exhibition of Elden Tefft’s work at The Center for Design Research, 2544 Westbrooke Circle (south side of Bob Billings parkway), will be held from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. and are open to the public.

Bridging the origin story of the ISC with Lawrence’s contemporary vibrant arts scene, Intersect Lawrence will offer friends a full circle experience of Lawrence’s vibrant arts scene as part of the greater Kansas City metro area. This is a great opportunity for visitors and locals to have fun, check out art, and socialize within the stimulating and welcoming community that is Lawrence, Kansas.

Matthew Burke, University of Kansas Department of Visual Art, 785-424-3537/
Amy Duke, Spencer Museum of Art, 785.864.0126/
Ben Ahlvers, Lawrence Arts Center, 785-843-2787/