Ice skating area being prepared for skaters

Kevin PowellCity, Parks & Recreation

With the numerous days of cold weather being experienced and its forecasted continuance, the Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department is preparing the ice skating area at the northwest corner of Buford M. Watson, Jr. Park, located at 6th and Kentucky Sts.  Ice skating will be available by Thursday and will be free and open to the public.

Users are asked to cooperate by staying off the ice until it is ready.  The cold weather is necessary in providing a three-inch to four-inch thick base of ice for safe skating.  As of Tuesday morning, water was being added to the area at Watson Park and will take some time for ice to form and harden.  By staying off the ice until it is hardened, it will prevent cracks, ruts and other hazards for skaters.

The department also encourages caution and safety to those who utilize the area.

For more information on the ice skating area, please contact the department at (785) 832-3450.