Preventing frozen water meters and pipes

Kevin PowellCity, Utilities

Water freezing in pipes can cause them to burst, resulting in costly damage. With the cold weather blast forecast for this weekend, here are some tips to help prevent frozen water meters and household pipes.

  • Run cold water in a fast drip or steady stream about the size of a pencil lead through a household faucet
  • Expose pipes to warm air by opening cabinet doors under kitchen or bathroom sinks. Specifically if they are on an outside wall.
  • Eliminate drafts and cold air into basements or crawlspaces
  • Protect exposed pipes in unheated areas with insulation or heating tape

If you suspect your water meter or service line is frozen, call the Utilities Department at 785-832-7800, 24/7 and a field representative will respond to thaw the frozen meter or assess the situation. Do not attempt to open the meter pit or thaw the meter.

If you have frozen pipes, shut off water at the master valve, turn off the water heater and icemaker, and call a licensed plumber.

Please visit the city website forĀ additional information.

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