Avoid a FOG clog by disposing of Fats, Oils and Grease appropriately this Thanksgiving

Maureen BradyCity, Municipal Services and Operations, Solid Waste

Many know the day after Thanksgiving as “Black Friday” – a day for shopping. In the plumbing world, it’s known as “Brown Friday” because it is one of the busiest days of the year for plumbers due to people improperly disposing of Fats, Oils and Grease from their Thanksgiving meals.

This Thanksgiving, you can avoid a clogged drain or sewer line in your home by following these tips for disposing of FOG:

  • Never put food scraps (solid or liquid) down the drain, into the toilet or grind them in the garbage disposal.
  • Use a mesh drain strainer in your sink to catch solid food scraps for disposal in a trash can.
  • Pour sauces, milkshakes, gravy, pan drippings and other liquid food scraps into a sealed container and place the container in the trash.
  • Scrape plates over the trash can to remove as many food scraps as possible.
  • Never pour oils and fats down the drain. Instead, place it into a container with a lid so it can be reused, recycled, or placed in the trash can for disposal if less than a quart.
  • Recycle used and unused oil through the Lawrence/Douglas County Household Hazardous Waste Facility.
  • Pour cooled grease into a grease can or other sealed container for trash disposal and/or absorb with paper towels, kitty litter or newspaper.

For more information on how to properly handle FOG, visit lawrenceks.org/mso/fog/.

Contact: Josh Carson, Public Information Officer, Municipal Services & Operations – jcarson@lawrenceks.org