Sales Tax Audit Committee January 19 Agenda

Kevin PowellAdvisory Boards, City

Sales Tax Audit Committee Meeting

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 @ 4:00 PM

To view this meeting live: Live Video Stream or the City’s YouTube Channel

To provide public comment: Virtual Meeting Registration via Zoom

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This meeting will be held in a hybrid format, which means attendees can choose whether to attend in-person or virtually by Zoom. Committee members will attend virtually. Some staff will be present in the room while others will participate virtually. Virtual participation will continue to be allowed for any participant, including staff, board and commission members, and the public.

The City Commission meeting room layout has been adapted to accommodate hybrid meetings. Audience chairs will be separated by six feet of distance and the City Hall lobby will also be set up for a limited number of members of the public to view meetings in person.

Anyone attending in-person will be required to wear a mask. This conforms with existing city policy and public health recommendations.

Written public comment must be received by the Finance Director’s Office by 12:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting. Send correspondence electronically to Comments received after the deadline will not be posted and there is no guarantee that such comments will be considered. The City is sensitive to members of the public who may not have access to technology. For those persons, written comments may be dropped in the Utility Billing Drop Box, located at the cut-out at 6th Street and New Hampshire Street. Comments should be marked for the Sales Tax Audit Committee.

The City will provide a method at City Hall for individuals without access to the internet or a telephone – and only such persons – to observe or participate in the meeting.