City of Lawrence finalizes site design plan for Pallet Shelter Village

Kevin PowellCity, Homelessness, Planning & Development

The City of Lawrence, in collaboration with Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC), has developed and finalized a site design plan for the Pallet Shelter Village located at 256 N. Michigan St. The plan provides the precise layout of the future Pallet Shelter Village, which will feature 50 cabins.

This final site design plan follows a thorough site analysis by PEC. This step was essential to ensure the infrastructure and improvements required for the site are properly constructed before the project progresses.

The light grey text and drawings on the plan illustrate the original layout of the site prior to demolition, while the black text and drawings show the finalized site design plan for the Pallet Shelter Village. The legend in the bottom right corner of the page lists each building size and what function they serve (an image of the plan is below).

Completion of the site design plan is another step forward in the City’s goal to rapidly build emergency shelter capacity to meet the needs of our community. The Pallet Shelter Village is a pathway to permanent housing that provides a transition for people experiencing homelessness.

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