City of Lawrence MSO Department wins National APWA Awards

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City of Lawrence MSO Department wins National APWA Awards

Two members of the City of Lawrence’s Municipal Services & Operations (MSO) Department have achieved national recognition with two prestigious awards from the American Public Works Association (APWA). Evan Korynta, ADA Compliance Administrator, and Trevor Flynn, Assistant MSO Director, recently journeyed to San Diego, California, to accept these distinguished honors at the APWA National Conference.

The APWA National Conference, held in late August of this year, brought together public works professionals from across the nation to celebrate excellence and innovation in the field. Lawrence, Kansas, had a significant presence at the event, with its representatives taking center stage to receive well-deserved accolades.

Evan Korynta was honored with the Exceptional Performance Award for Diversity, a testament to his outstanding contributions in the realm of Disability Education. His dedication and commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within our community have not gone unnoticed, and Lawrence residents can take pride in the positive impact he has made.

Trevor Flynn was also recognized with the Exceptional Performance Award for Adversity for his outstanding work on the Covid Wastewater Monitoring Program. In a time of unprecedented challenges, Trevor’s leadership and resilience have shone through, contributing to the health and safety of our community during the pandemic.

The City of Lawrence is exceptionally proud to have team members like Evan Korynta and Trevor Flynn, whose knowledge, skills, and passion are helping to elevate our community to new heights. These awards not only reflect their dedication but also underscore the City’s commitment to delivering top-tier municipal services.

“The Municipal Services & Operations Department has consistently demonstrated its commitment to enhancing the quality of life in Lawrence through our efficient and well-maintained infrastructure,” says Craig Owens, City Manager for the City of Lawrence. “These national awards received by Evan Korynta and Trevor Flynn reaffirm Lawrence’s position as a hub for excellence in public works and our dedication to the delivery of fair and impartial services that remove systemic barriers to create a community where all enjoy life and feel at home.”

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