Safety Precautions

The safety of our staff and citizens is our top priority. If you are sick, please stay home and contact the court for information about your case. Remote payments for fines and fees are recommended if a court appearance is not required. Payments may be made online at,  or through the mail at PO Box 1695, Lawrence, KS 66044. Downtown parking citation payments can be paid at  You may also place payments and court documents in the drop box located just outside our entrance doors. You may email us at or call us at 785-832-6190 with questions.

City Attorney’s Office

Toni R. Wheeler, City Attorney
6 East 6th Street, Fourth Floor
Lawrence, Kansas 66044
City Attorney

The City Attorney’s Office provides legal support to city staff and elected officials by responding to requests for legal opinions, preparing legal documents, negotiating contracts and providing legal training to city employees.

The City Prosecutor and Human Relations are divisions of the City Attorney’s Office. The City Attorney also supervises the nonjudicial functions of the Municipal Court. Contact Us

The City Attorney’s Office cannot give legal advice concerning private legal disputes.

City Prosecutor

Phone: (785) 832-6195   Fax: (785) 832-6198    Email:

The City Prosecutor’s Office at One Riverfront Plaza, prosecutes municipal ordinance violations, including misdemeanor criminal and traffic violations, in the Municipal Court and represents the City in Municipal Court appeals to appellate courts.

Municipal Court

Phone: (785) 832-6190     Fax: (785) 832-6199

The Municipal Court at One Riverfront Plaza, handles violations of city ordinances including traffic and parking violations within the city limits. The City Attorney supervises the nonjudicial functions of the Court, while cases are decided by an appointed Municipal Judge who is bound by the Kansas Rules of Judicial Conduct to decide cases in an impartial manner.

The nonjudicial functions of the Municipal Court are under the direction of the City Attorney, and the supervision of the Court Manager. A full-time Judge appointed by the City Manager presides over all court proceedings and is responsible for all aspects of the adjudication of cases under applicable statutes and ordinances. The support staff consists of a Senior Court Clerk, a Probation Officer and six Court Clerks.

Pay court fines and fees
Pay downtown meter parking and H.E.R.E. fees

Human Relations

Phone: (785) 832-3310   Fax: (785) 832-6198   Email:

The Human Relations Division is a civil rights enforcement agency. It investigates complaints from persons alleging they have been discriminated against in employment, housing, or public accommodations because of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, age, ancestry, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, or familial status. This Division provides education and out reach for the City’s anti-discrimination law. The Human Relations Commission serves as the advisory board for the agency. If you believe you have been discriminated against, you can submit an Intake Discrimination Complaint form online. You may also read the Human Relations ordinance here (PDF, 134 KB).