On Monday, February 25th, Municipal Court ─ which includes the City Prosecutor’s office and the Human Relations office ─ will permanently move from its current location at 1006 New Hampshire Street to the top floor of the new City Hall Riverfront at One Riverfront Plaza. The first court session in the new location is set for Monday, February 25th. For more information click here: press release.


City Prosecutor’s Office informational video


The City Prosecutor’s Office promotes public safety and the protection of property in our community.  Contact Us

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Our Services

The City Prosecutor’s Office prosecutes all cases involving violations of city ordinances in the Municipal Court, and on appeal in the Douglas County District Court, the Kansas Court of Appeals and the Kansas Supreme Court.

They administer the city’s Diversion Program for DUI’s and other misdemeanor Criminal Offenses; they plea negotiate cases within the limitations established by the Model Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys, state statutes and departmental policies; they emphasize the prosecution of code cases; and they represent the city in administrative hearings related to dangerous animals.

They also maintain an open file discovery policy. Download a printable version of the Discovery Request Form and Discovery Information Sheet.

The Supervising Prosecutor directly manages the day to day operations of the Prosecutor’s Office. The City Prosecutor’s Office consists of two City Prosecutors and three legal assistants.

The Prosecutor’s Office also handles Human Relations inquiries and complaints.

For more information call us at: Phone: (785) 832-6195, Fax: (785) 832-6198 or Email: prosecutorinfo@lawrenceks.org