Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission

Kevin Powell

The Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission or LCAC is the City’s advisory board on matters related to Arts and Culture.

The Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission (LCAC) was established by the City of Lawrence in December 1973, as the Lawrence Arts Commission. It was charged “to promote, encourage, and coordinate the artistic and cultural activities of the community through recommendations made to the Governing Body of the City and through coordinating endeavors of those groups and organizations which identify themselves as primarily concerned with the artistic environment of Lawrence.”


Here you can learn about our ongoing programs: Public Art, the annual Outdoor Downtown Sculpture Exhibition; the annual Phoenix Awards, which applaud Lawrencians making significant contributions to local arts and culture; and information on the Art Commission’s Community Arts Grant program.


The Cultural Arts Commission is charged to forward recommendations to the City Commission regarding construction or renovation of public buildings, purchase of artwork for the City and sponsorship of local art activities. This Commission oversees the Percent for Art program and the annual Outdoor Downtown Sculpture Exhibition. In addition, the Cultural Arts Commission presents the Phoenix Awards annually to recognize outstanding artistic efforts on the part of individuals and/or organizations in the community.


Lawrence City Wide Cultural Plan – August, 2015 – for more information, click to View the report

Cultural District Task Force Report – December, 2013 – for more information, click to View the report


Terms: 3 year terms, expiring January 31 of corresponding year.

Meetings: Generally the 2nd Wednesday of each month, 7 p.m., various locations.

LCAC Administrative Policy Manual

Orientation Packet: Includes historic and current policy information about the LCAC

Res. No. 7140 (2015) – Update: Membership and Responsibilities of the Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission

Res. No. 7070 (2014) – Public Art

City Liaison

Abby Bush-Wilder, Communications and Events Coordinator
Work Phone: (785) 832- 3460