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Board Policies
Resolution 7224 (PDF), adopted September 19, 2017, establishes the City of Lawrence policy relating to advisory boards and commissions of the City of Lawrence.
Resolution 7269 (PDF), adopted November 6, 2018, establishes an Ethics policy for members of the governing board, appointed officials, and employees of the City of Lawrence.

Advisory Boards and Committees

Provides advice and recommendations to the City Commission on various community issues.

Technical Appeal Boards

Appeal boards for technical professions, zoning, and sign issues. Also reviews technical city codes and ordinances and makes recommendations to the City Commission for changes.


Develops policies and reviews projects for compliance with policies, city code, and city ordinances. Studies related issues, implements programs as assigned, and makes recommendations to the City Commission.

Steering Committees

These Steering Committees represent Committees that have been established by the City Commission typically for a specified temporary period of time in order to provide guidance on a specific topic or issue.

Component Unit Governing Boards

These Governing Boards are Boards of agencies which are reported as component units on the City’s financial Statements.

Joint City/County Boards

These are boards which have been jointly created by the City and County. Both entities make appointments to these boards.

Boards with City Appointees

These are boards to which the City makes appointments.