Pedestrian and Bicycle Task Force

Kevin Powell

The Pedestrian-Bicycle Issues Task Force was established by Resolution No. 7106, adopted by the City Commission on March 24, 2015. The Task Force shall be composed of 11 citizens of the City of Lawrence who shall have an interest in the subject of pedestrian and bicycle issues within the community.

The scope of work of the Task Force shall include:

  • Review of history of City pedestrian and bicycle issues, including policies, laws, and funding;
  • Review best practices from other communities on pedestrian and bicycle issues;
  • Review the City’s current advisory board structure for pedestrian-bicycle issues, and provide recommendations to the City Commission;
  • Review the City’s current practice for funding and building sidewalks within the community, including sidewalks built during development, sidewalks built during street projects, and sidewalks built to connect gaps in the sidewalk network; provide recommendations on this practice and possible improvements in prioritization and funding
  • Review the City’s current practice related to sidewalk improvements for individuals with disabilities and provide recommendations;
  • Review the City’s current practice related to pedestrian and bicycle safety for school-age children; provide recommendations on this practice and possible improvements in prioritization and funding;
  • Review State and City laws concerning sidewalk maintenance responsibilities, review related staffing and funding issues related to City practices, and make recommendations on this issue;
  • Review City practices concerning bicycling within the community, including bicycle facility construction, funding issues for bike facilities and other issues related to the promotion of bicycling within the community.
  • Provide other recommendations, including recommendations for sustainable funding as it relates to pedestrian and bicycle issues.

Meetings of the Task Force will be open to the public.


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    • 12-28-15 Meeting Canceled

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