Building Code Board of Appeals

Kevin Powell

Established by Code of The City of Lawrence, Kansas, Chapter V, 5-1.225 on July 1st, 2017, the purpose of the Building Code Board of Appeals is to:

  1. Hear and decide appeals of orders decisions or determinations made by the building official relative building construction not related to plumbing, electrical, or mechanical systems; and
  2. Provide technical expertise and guidance as a code committee recommending to the City Commission any changes necessary for the adoption of technical codes and ordinances.

The Board shall consist of five (5) members who are qualified by experience and training to pass upon matters pertaining to construction. The members of the Board shall serve for three (3) years unless sooner removed for cause. Each member of the Board shall be either a licensed professional engineer or architect, or a contractor, or superintendent of building construction, shall have at least ten (10) years’ experience, for (5) five years of which he or she shall have been in responsible charge of work; and at no time shall there be more than two members of the Board selected from the same profession or business.


For information about upcoming meetings or to obtain a copy of past meeting minutes, contact Janet Smalter or Lee Queen.

  • Greg RauBuilding Super/Contractor Representative (First Term)
  • 785-423-6951
  • 12/06/2016 to 11/30/2019