Homeless Issues Advisory Committee

Kevin Powell

Formerly Community Commission on Homelessness established by Resolution No. 6608 on August 23, 2005

Established by Resolution No. 6951 on October 25, 2011, the Homeless Issues Advisory Committee shall report to and advise the Governing Body on issues facing the homeless within the community.


Members: Eleven; Each shall reside or be employed within the City limits of the City of Lawrence.

Terms: 3 year terms, and can only serve two full consecutive terms.

Meetings: Quarterly on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 8:30 a.m., City Commission Meeting Room, City Hall.

Contact: Dani Walters, Community Development Manager, 785-832-3108, e-mail: dwalters@lawrenceks.org, fax: 785-832-3110.