Plumbing Code Board of Appeals

Kevin Powell


Established by Code of the City of Lawrence, Kansas, Chapter V, 5-1.228 on July 1st, 2017, the purpose of the Plumbing Board Code of Appeals is to:

  1. Hear and decide appeals of orders decisions or determinations made by the building official relative to plumbing work and the installation of plumbing systems and equipment; and
  2. Provide technical expertise and guidance as a code committee recommending to the City Commission any changes necessary for the adoption of technical codes and ordinances.

The board of appeals shall consist of five members appointed by the chief appointing authority. The members of the Board shall serve for three (3) years unless sooner removed for cause. One (1) or more members’ term(s) shall expire each year. The Plumbing Code Board of Appeals shall be under the department having jurisdiction provided by law and unless otherwise provided for shall consist of five (5) members: two (2) qualified plumbing contractors; two (2) qualified licensed plumbers; one (1) member from the local gas utility; or one member from the public at large.


The Board meets on as-needed basis, but all scheduled meeting agendas are posted to the City’s website approximately one week prior to any scheduled meeting. If you have questions about upcoming meetings, contact Mark Mills.