The budget is guided by the City Commission’s strategic plan which contains five (5) outcome areas: Unmistakable Identity; Strong, Welcoming Neighborhoods; Safe & Secure; Prosperity & Economic Security; and Connected City. Additionally, the strategic plan contains six (6) commitment areas: Community Engagement; Efficient & Effective Processes; Equity & Inclusion; Sound Fiscal Stewardship; Engaged & Empowered Teams; and Environmental Sustainability.

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The Lawrence City Commission has approved the 2017 budget. Here’s where to find docs, links and other budget-related info:

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Here’s where to find docs, links and other budget-related info:

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The 2017 budget was adopted on August 16, 2016 and was guided by the City Commission’s identified goals: public safety, mental health, infrastructure, non-motorized transportation/transit, affordable housing and economic development. The budget reflects shifts to these goal areas from other areas of the city budget, without increasing the mill levy. Throughout the process, a significant amount has been cut from departmental and outside agency requests and capital improvements program requests, while additional resources have been added in the goal areas. This has been accomplished, while preserving core services, through a structurally balanced and sustainable budget.

The Annual Budget Process

The City Commission has started the process to develop city’s 2017 budget. Budgets define the city’s priorities and provide a way to organize and plan how and when we use city funds. Public input and engagement in this process is critical. We will offer many ways for our community to provide comments and feedback as we develop the 2017 budget.

City Commission Budget Meetings

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Lawrence Listens

Budget preparation is a process which involves many constituents. The city used two Lawrence Listens surveys to request feedback about priorities and held two Community Budget Meetings in May 2016 for residents to provide input on priorities. The results of the Lawrence Listens surveys are online for review.

2017 Funding Applications

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Each year, the city provides an opportunity for outside agencies and organizations that act as a vendor for the city to submit funding requests.

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