Communications and Community Relations

The Communications and Community Relations department oversees City Communications and Community Engagement. In accord with the Strategic Plan and the City’s Commitment to Community Engagement, our team works to ensure people know what we are doing and has opportunities to collaborate and innovate with us.

As part of communications, we coordinate outreach and promotion of city services, programs and events. We welcome public feedback and continuously work for ways to improve our communications.

For community engagement, we work with staff and the community to plan and implement intentional community engagement programs to inform, consult, involve, or collaborate with our residents.

The Director, along with the Web Content Administrator, Brand Manager, Engagement Manager, Video Broadcast Specialist, and Media/Creative Specialist, work to provide the following services for the City of Lawrence:

City Website

The city’s website is the primary method we use to communicate with residents. We are committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest audience and continually works to improve it’s standards. The website strives to meet the best practices established by level AA of the W3C accessibility guidelines and section 508 of federal accessibility guidelines. Following these recommendations assists in making the website more user-friendly for all.

Social Media

The city manages numerous social media accounts to communicate with residents in established settings. We use Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor and YouTube to communicate with resident, share our stories and help keep our community informed.

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City News

The city provides daily news releases and updates with a range of information about city services, public meetings, construction projects, programs and events.

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The Flame Online

The city’s monthly newsletter – The Flame – is distributed each month in the city water and trash utility bills. It is also made available on the website as a PDF and as an online digital publication each month. The newsletter provides valuable information about the City of Lawrence departments and services. Inserts are also included each month to highlight specific programs and events.

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Send an email to City Hall and let us know about your thoughts, concerns, kudos and comments. We want to hear from our residents and want to know how we’re doing and what your thoughts are on city programs.

Multimedia Production

The city engages in several audio/visual and multimedia productions:

Live Video

View live City Commission and other City Board & Commission meetings:

Also, you can watch a full replay of the week’s meeting on cable channel 25 or on the City of Lawrence YouTube channel.

City Commission Meetings & Streaming Video

The city offers multiple options for viewing City Commission and board meetings. A live stream of city meetings is available, and recorded video and audio files of meetings are made available directly after each meeting.

City of Lawrence YouTube

City of Lawrence SoundCloud

Video Projects

Watch videos from the City of Lawrence on our YouTube Channel.

Channel 25

The city’s government access television station is Channel 25 on cable. The City Commission meeting is broadcast live and other information is shared on a rotating basis.