Common Ground is a community gardening and urban agriculture program established by the City of Lawrence in 2012. The City leases under-utilized properties to residents for free or at a very low cost, eliminating land ownership as a barrier to accessing gardening and fresh-grown produce.

The values of the Common Ground Program are:

  • Promoting access to fresh and locally grown food for all residents of Douglas County
  • Gardens and green spaces are beneficial and necessary to sustain a healthy urban ecosystem
  • Gardens build community

 For more information on the ways Common Ground sites have contributed to our community, read the 2018 End of Season Report

Looking for information about what you can grow on your own property? Check out the City's Urban Agriculture Guidelines, here:

Common Ground Sites

The map below shows all of our current Common Ground gardens, as well as our Incubator Farm. You can use this map to find a site that is convenient for you to access! For more information about joining a specific garden, contact the garden managers directly. You can find more information on our gardens and contact info by scrolling down.

Join the Common Ground Program!

If you are interested in participating in the Common Ground program, the City of Lawrence invites you to use the drop down menu below to explore which of our gardens is a good fit for you. While each garden site has a unique management structure that is specific to the community of that garden, all gardens follow these shared rules.

 For all other questions, direct them to

Incubator Farm Application