How We Do It


The Equity and Inclusion Department recognize Equity as both an outcome and a process.

  • As an outcome, we strive to ensure that everyone, irrespective of identity, has the tools needed to thrive. One’s race or demographics should not determine their success.
  • As a process, everyone has the opportunity to be involved in developing solutions to problem regarding structural inequities which might disproportionately impact them and their community most.

Using the Government Alliance on Race & Equity (GARE) Framework below is how we strive to approach our work of advancing equity and inclusion within the City of Lawrence.

The City of Lawrence is a member of the GARE organization. The Government Alliance on Race and Equity is a national network of government working to achieve racial equity and advance opportunities for all. The Alliance is a joint project of the new Race Forward and the Othering and Belonging Institute. GARE has developed a Racial Equity Framework based on best practices from government entities across the nation who are dedicated to advancing equity. This Racial Equity Framework and the six steps are described below. In tandem with the City of Lawrence’s Strategic Plan, the Equity and Inclusion Department use the Racial Equity Framework as a tool to advance equity for all.

The Racial Equity Framework above helps with the assessment of policies, initiatives, programs and budget issues to advance equitable outcomes. The Equity Impact Review Process tool below is an addition resources used by the Equity and Inclusion Department to ensure equity, as a process, is being focused on with consistency.

In addition to using the tools and resources shared above, we have many best practices that we rely on to address inequities as adaptive challenges.