The City works to save energy in our buildings and facilities. Saving energy helps us save money as well as reduce our impact on the environment.

These projects will save about $450,000 per year in energy savings and make our buildings more comfortable and functional.

Also, the project is estimated to save 3,200 tons of CO2 emissions annually. That’s the same as taking 676 cars off the road each year!

The general contractor on the project is Willdan Performance Engineering.  They oversaw the project improvements and are monitoring and measuring results.


The City initiated a Facilities Conservation Improvement Program, a state program that assists local governments in implementing energy-saving projects. The goals of the project are to:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Upgrade facilities and equipment
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Support sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction goals

The City hired an energy service company to do a complete energy audit of all city facilities. This audit helped us identify the cost-effective energy saving measures the City should pursue.


In February, the City Commission approved $11.3 million in energy saving upgrades to City facilities.  The annual energy and maintenance savings from the projects will completely pay off the debt, making this a smart investment for the City. The City issued “green” bonds due to the environmental benefits of the project.

The projects impact facilities managed by Public Works & Parks and Recreation.  The projects include:

  • LED lighting retrofit in City buildings, parking garages, sports fields, and parks
  • Upgrades to the heating and cooling equipment in many buildings
  • Upgrades to thermostats and heating/cooling controls
  • Weatherization projects in many buildings
  • New roofs at the Community Health Building, Fire Med Station #3, and the Community Building
  • New windows at City Hall


By spring 2018, all projects were complete and the City published the first Green Bond Impact Report, which provides a summary of funded projects and their esitmated environmental impact.


In summer 2019, Willdan Performance Engineering provided a Measurement and Verification report, demonstrating the level of savings achieved during from March 2018 through February 2019 as a result of the energy conservation upgrades project.
Significant energy and maintenance cost savings were achieved throughout city facilities. The total of all savings during the reporting period was $551,864; which is $3,845 more than the guarantee savings of $548,019.


Year 2 Measurement and Verification report

Since the start of the Measurement and Verification process, the City of Lawrence energy conservation project has resulted in total savings of over $1 million. This total savings includes $551,864 in year one and $543,507 in year two. In year one, the savings exceeded the Savings Guarantee by $3,845. In year two, the savings were just short of that guarantee by $2,190. Because of this savings shortfall in year two, Willdan will reconcile the savings shortfall with direct payment to the City of Lawrence in the amount of $2,190.

The overall success of the project continues to provide numerous benefits to the City staff and visitors in each facility. Besides the quantifiable energy savings, the project scope has improved occupant comfort, improved indoor air quality, and reduced maintenance issues. Additionally, the reduced energy usage has positive effects on the City’s carbon footprint and Greenhouse Gas emissions.


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