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Video message from City Manager Craig Owens – Pandemic and Staying Vigilant, 09/29/20

With the outbreak of Coronavirus / COVID-19 in the United States, staff is focused on business continuity planning for essential City services during the pandemic. The City of Lawrence established a Planning Team, comprising representatives from each department.

The purpose of the Planning Team is to undertake contingency and business continuity planning for the City organization to help ensure the delivery of essential City services in the event of a pandemic. The Planning Team will meet to develop the plan and each department representative on the team will take the lead in completing the planning for their department. It is important to note that planning assumptions will be made broadly to take into account any type of pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is constantly updating their web page. We refer to their website for information as we continue to address the Coronavirus pandemic. Please visit these sites for updated information:


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