Bike or Walk the Lawrence Loop

The city continues to be a leader in the construction and development of trails and paths which allow our residents access to all parts of the community by walking or biking. The Lawrence Loop is a project that, when completed, will provide a continuous 22-mile trail around the city limits.  Public Works and the Parks and Recreation Department are working together to develop the Lawrence Loop as an amenity for the community.  The city has added two sections to the trail in 2016 alone including trails through Rock Chalk Park and another section called the Baldwin Creek Trail, also in northwest Lawrence.

View the Existing and Planned Lawrence Loop Map

View the Bicycle Rideability Map

Results of Public Meeting on Loop Signage

A public meeting was held on Wednesday, July 18, to discuss proposed signage for the Lawrence Loop.
This included the proposed directional signage to help citizens access and navigate the trail, as well as spurs to neighborhoods and mileage markers that would help locate during an emergency. The City had been awarded a LiveWell Commnunity Wellness Grant in 2017 to assist with the development of the directional signage and promotion of the Lawrence Loop.

Meeting Handout of Directional Signage

Additional signage will be added as needed, including slope rates.

Lawrence Loop Alignment Study

This study analyzed alternative alignments to determine the feasibility and public preference for two incomplete sections of bikeway between the north end of Burroughs Creek Rail Trail along 11th Street to the Shared Use Path in Burcham Park and the west side of the Sandra Shaw Trail to the Peterson Road Shared Use Path.”

Read the Lawrence Loop  Alignment Study  (Approved by the MPO Policy Board on January 18, 2018.)

Lawrence Loop Alignment Study Appendices