Emerald ash borer (EAB) was confirmed in Douglas County in September 2015. Since that time, the Kansas Department of Agriculture and USDA have placed Douglas County in quarantine for firewood and other ash wood materials.

Firewood and other ash wood materials cannot be moved from Douglas County in an effort to limit the spread of EAB. EAB is an exotic beetle that was discovered in southeastern Michigan near Detroit in the summer of 2002. The adult beetles nibble on ash foliage but cause little damage. The larvae (the immature stage) feed on the inner bark of ash trees, disrupting the tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients. Once a tree is infected with EAB, the tree will not be able to survive and will die. Emerald ash borer probably arrived in the United States on solid wood packing material carried in cargo ships or airplanes originating in its native Asia.

Douglas County was added to the quarantine which also includes the counties Johnson, Leavenworth, Jefferson and Wyandotte. The City of Lawrence’s Forestry Division is working to develop plans to mitigate the effects of EAB on our local tree population. Over the coming weeks, the city will develop educational materials for homeowners to identify ash trees, check for signs of EAB infestation and provide homeowners can do to treat trees and/or remove them.

Lawrence KS EAB Readiness Response Plan (update 2017)

EAB Handout (from Kansas Forest Services, K-State Research and Extension)