Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department makes safety a primary concern with its facilities, parks and trails. We suggest the following precautions to ensure safety for all:

    • Be aware of your surroundings
    • Get to know your neighborhood and community parks (entrances and access points, sight-lines, walkways and distance to destination points)
    • Jog, hike or bike with a friend
    • Carry a cell phone (if possible)
    • Stay in well lit areas at night
    • Avoid remote areas of the park
    • Keep your car keys ready when approaching your car in a parking lot
    • Stay in an area where you can see others involved in activities in the park
    • Avoid travel in areas where groups may be mingling that may make you uncomfortable
    • Avoid shrubbery or landscaping that might hide sight-lines and good visibility
    • Avoid heavily-wooded areas when hiking or biking alone
    • Educate children about talking to strangers and all other park safety rules
    • Know where and how to report any suspicious activities to police
    • Place valuables (purses, watches, billfolds etc.) out of sight or in trunk when leaving car unattended while on trails or in parks

If you have concerns about any of our parks, trails or facilities, please let us know at (785) 832-3450.