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Humans are not the only staff at Prairie Park Nature Center. The center could not do its job without the valuable contribution of its very special animal ambassadors.

The Prairie Park Nature Center has a variety of education animals that help visitors and program participants connect with the amazing world of nature and wildlife. The opportunity to see wildlife up close in the wild is rare. Our education animals give visitors a unique opportunity to see and study wildlife in person.

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In order to display these animals, Prairie Park Nature Center has state and federal education permits. These animals are not pets, they are wildlife in captivity. Many are formerly injured rescued animals that were rehabilitated but not releasable. The nature center strives to create the best possible conditions for them in captivity. These animals deserve our highest respect for the services they render in helping people understand and appreciate the natural world.

The public should understand that it is not legal to keep wild birds or mammals as pets.

To learn more about wildlife issues, nuisance wildlife, what to do if you find injured or baby animals, please click to visit our FAQ ABOUT WILDLIFE PAGE.