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Interactive Map of Lawrence


Interactive Map of Lawrence

New mobile-friendly version of the map that works with any web browser and most mobile devices including iOS and 'Droid tablets and smart phones.  The map includes all the same functionality of the previous version and more.  Search an address, download a subdivision plat, find historic properties, discover if a property is in the flood plain, check out the status of roads in your neighborhood, measure and draw on the map and print to PDF, JPG or other file formats.

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Crime Map

Crime Map of Lawrence, KS - visual representation of present and past criminal activity

City Facilities

Interactive map of City Facilities

Environmental Baseline Map

Environmental Baseline Map

Flood Hazard Area Map

View 2015 and 2010 FEMA flood information: Flood Hazard Area Map

Historic Resources Map

Historic Resources Map

Neighborhood Association Finder

Find your Neighborhood Association

Parking Map

Downtown Parking Map

Pavement Condition Index Map

Pavement Condition Index Map

Prime Soils Map

Prime Soils Map

Snow Operations Map

Snow Operations Information and Maps

Stormwater Program Map

Stormwater Program Map

Tax Assessed Property Map

Interactive map of certified special assessments in Lawrence.

Transit routes

View Lawrence Transit Bus Routes

Traffic Counts

View Traffic Counts Map

Traffic Camera Map

View Traffic Camera Map

Trash, Yard Waste and Recycling Pick-Up Days

View trash, yard waste and recycling pick-up days through the city.

Truck Routes

Interactive map

Truck Routes PDF Map

PDF map

Cemetery Map

NOTE: As of 3/3/2021 data is not updated due to new system implementation

Interactive Cemetery Map