Meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at 5:45 p.m. in the City Commission Meeting Room, First Floor, City Hall, 6 East 6th Street. Meetings on the fifth Tuesday of the month usually are cancelled.

The agenda is typically published weekly preceding a Tuesday meeting. It also appears on Channel 25, the City’s public information channel. Copies of the agenda are available in the City Commission Meeting Room the night of meetings. Background material for an agenda item may be obtained from the City Manager’s Office.

Agenda Items

  • Proclamations and Presentations – Proclamations for special events and special presentations are scheduled at the beginning.
  • Consent Agenda – These items are considered and approved under one motion unless removed for separate action at the request of the City Commission or members of the public. Items removed from the consent agenda are considered following the adoption of the remainder of the consent agenda.
  • Regular Agenda Items – These items are individually considered and approved by the commission. A brief description of all regular agenda items is provided for the City Commission or members of the public.
  • Calendar – During this time, the City Commission sets dates for study sessions and other meetings.
  • Miscellaneous – City commissioners use this time to discuss issues not on the published agenda.
  • Public Comment – Members of the public use this time to discuss issues which do not appear on the agenda.

Addressing the Commission

The public is allowed to speak to any regular agenda item or give public comment after first being recognized by the Mayor. Individuals are asked to come to the microphone, sign in, and state their name and address. Comments should be brief. Speakers should address all comments to the commission directly and not to an individual commissioner. When the Mayor or City Commission determines that time limitations are necessary, reasonable time limits for presentations and comments may be imposed. Courtesy shall be given to all speakers.


If you have hearing or visual impairments, please contact the City Clerk’s Office prior to the meeting to arrange for adaptive features or special accommodations. Accessible parking spaces are available behind City Hall, in the parking lot at 6th and Massachusetts (opposite City Hall, enter from 6th Street), and in the Riverfront Plaza street level parking garage (adjacent to City Hall, enter from New Hampshire Street).

Agenda Submissions

To request that an item be considered for a City Commission agenda, contact the City Manager’s Office.

Web-based Agenda Submission Chart (PDF, 144 KB)