As a vital component of the entire transportation system in Lawrence and Douglas County, bicycles provide both essential commuter and recreational transportation. Lawrence and Douglas County offers some of the best cycling opportunities in Kansas. As a recognized Bicycle Friendly Community, the City of Lawrence is working on enhancing existing facilities while planning for the future needs of cyclists in Lawrence. The Lawrence/Douglas County Metropolitan Planning Office takes seriously its role to create, develop and educate the community about cycling and cycling facilities.

Lawrence-Douglas County Bicycle Advisory Committee

The Bicycle Advisory Committee provides a communication linkage between the City Commission and the community on bicycling related issues. The Committee works to improve bicycle safety and awareness through education of motorists and non-motorists; review, update, and oversee the distribution of the City’s Biking Map; seek information from multiple sources on current trends, programs, and facilities outside the local area; and promote bicycle awareness by coordinating activities with the City, County, the school district, universities, and the local bicycle clubs. The BAC makes recommendations to the City Commission concerning issues related to bicycle usage within the community, including:

  • location and design of bicycle facilities for all users by integrating bicycle and pedestrian considerations into city projects and plans;
  • expenditure of City funds for bicycle facilities and other non-motorized facilities;
  • location and design of public streets in relation to bicycle use;
  • improvement of bicycle safety and access with minor construction projects and street repairs;
  • identification of quick, low-cost improvements on routes that are well used by bicyclists thus creating regular exposure for the program;
  • promotion of bicycling by signing selected routes;
  • proposal of city resolutions and ordinances concerning bicycle use and safety; and,
  • Identification and resolution of issues concerning Bicycle-Friendly Community designation.

Bike Share Feasibility Study

Access the project page at

Bike to Work

May is Bicycle Month and in 2016, Bike to Work Week will be May 16-20 and Bike to Work Day will be Friday, May 20. The City of Lawrence would like to encourage all residents to experience the benefits of bicycling to work during this time and reminds bicyclists and motorists to safely share the road.
Bike Month Poster

Rules & Tips Poster

Ride with Commissioners Flyer

National Bike Challenge Poster

Bicycle Rideability Map

The bicycle rideability map is designed to promote, encourage and educate bicyclists. The map assists riders in choosing routes most applicable to their skill level, alerts them to difficult intersections, shows major landmarks to help bicyclists navigate around town and identifies transit connections. View a version of the map here.

Lawrence-Douglas Countywide Bikeway System Plan

Executive Summary – Countywide Bikeway System Plan This study was completed as a part of the Multimodal Planning Studies.

Report – Countywide Bikeway System Plan (MPO Approved March 20, 2014) 

Map 2- Lawrence Existing and Proposed Bikeways Map

Map 11- Douglas County Existing and Proposed Bikeways Map

The new Plan replaces the 2004 Bicycle Work Program.

Interactive Bikeways Map

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Bikeway System Map

The T2040 Bikeway System Map was approved by the Lawrence-Douglas County Metropolitan Planning Organization (L-DC MPO) on March 21, 2013 and replaced the 2009 Bikeway System Map. Download the Bikeway System Map to discover where existing and future bicycling facilities are planned in and around Lawrence.
T2040 Bicycle System Map

Annual Bicycle and Pedestrian Count


19th Street (Barker to Iowa) Practical Road Safety Assessment

On March 26, 2015, a Road Safety Assessment (RAS) was conducted for the 19th Street Corridor from Barker to Iowa. The RSA is part of a U.S. DOT initiative to reduce bicycle & pedestrian injuries and by helping communities built streets that are safer for people
walking, bicycling, and taking public transportation. Read the report.


Bicycle Parking in Downtown Lawrence Inventory

The inventory considers guidelines for bicycle parking and types of bicycle parking facilities available in Downtown Lawrence. It includes a location map and list of the available parking by type and makes BAC recommendations for bicycle parking improvements. Read the report.
Bicycle Parking in Downtown Lawrence Inventory

Bicycle Friendly Community

The Bicycle Friendly Communities Campaign is an awards program administered by the League of American Bicyclists that recognizes municipalities that actively support bicycling. A Bicycle-Friendly Community provides safe accommodation for cycling and encourages its residents to bike for transportation and recreation. The City of Lawrence has been recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community at the Bronze level since 2004. In 2012, the City of Lawrence was re-designated at the Bronze level and the League of American Bicyclists provided feedback and suggestions to further promote bicycling in Lawrence.
League of American Bicyclists

Bicycle Safety

Every year the City of Lawrence works to improve the conditions of cycling and vehicular transportation. Part of the City's charge is to educate motorists and cyclists on the best ways to share the road. Sharing the road means that drivers and cyclists work together to improve road safety through shared awareness, patience, courtesy and cooperation.

Bicycle Safety Public Service Announcements
Kansas Cycling Laws and Statutes
Helmet Use Laws by State
NHTSA Bicycle Safety Tips


Click here for more educational and informative links from the federal and state governments about cycling, or for great information on local cycling clubs, and groups!


Do you have a question or concern about area cycling? Is a trail blocked due to construction? Have you had a pleasurable ride recently? Use our feedback page to notify City officials about your concerns.