Lawrence Complete Streets Policy

On March 27th, 2012; the Lawrence City Commission approved the Lawrence Complete Streets Policy.

MPO Resolution for support of Complete Streets

On September 15, 2011; the MPO Policy Board passed a resolution in support of Complete Streets. View the resolution.

Find out some of the benefits of Complete Streets at the National Complete Streets Coalition links below.

  • Children (pdf)
  • People with Disabilities (pdf)
  • Older Adults (pdf)
  • Health (pdf)
  • Public Transportation (pdf)
  • Climate Change (pdf)
  • Economic Revitalization (pdf)
  • Gas Prices (pdf)
  • Safety (pdf)
  • Lower Transportation Costs (pdf)
  • Ease Traffic Woes (pdf)
  • Costs of Complete Streets (pdf)
  • Change Travel Patterns (pdf)
  • Create Livable Communities (pdf)
  • Sustainable Complete Streets (pdf)
  • Networks Complete Streets (pdf)