The Lawrence-Douglas County Metropolitan Planning Organization, in coordination with the City of Lawrence, conducted the Multimodal Planning Studies. The goal of this planning effort was to identify transportation needs and to prioritize multimodal improvements for commuters, pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders. This study process specifically focused on:

  • Developing plans for park and ride facilities within Douglas County
  • Enhancing pedestrian accessibility to fixed-route transit in Lawrence
  • Developing a countywide bikeway plan by enhancing existing facilities within Lawrence and expanding facilities throughout Douglas County 

Executive Summaries 

Countywide Bikeway System Plan

Fixed-Route Transit & Pedestrian Accessibility Study

Commuter Park & Ride Study


These are the final reports for the Multimodal Studies Planning Process. These reports were approved by the MPO Policy Board on their March 20, 2014 meeting. Following MPO approval, these reports will be available for local government acceptance and/or approval.

Countywide Bikeway System Plan (MPO Approved March 20, 2014)

Map 2- Lawrence Existing and Proposed Bikeways Map

Map 11- Douglas County Existing and Proposed Bikeways Map

Fixed-Route Transit & Pedestrian Accessibility Study (MPO Approved March 20, 2014)

Commuter Park & Ride Study (MPO Approved March 20, 2014)

Additional Project Information

Steering Committee– Rosters, Meeting Notes and Documents

Open House Meeting Materials

The goal of this planning effort is to identify and prioritize transportation needs for commuters, pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders for the next 5 or 10 years and develop a range of short and long-term improvements to support a more multimodal region. The planning process is anticipated to conclude by the end of 2013 and will address the following elements:

Countywide Bikeway System Plan – this study will expand the existing bikeway system planning efforts and the Bikeway System Map to cover all of Douglas County. This project will look at on-road and off-road bikeways, and possible bikeway connections from Douglas County to other areas including Metro Kansas City and the Topeka Area.

Commuter Park & Ride Study – this study will involve looking at possible locations to plan commuter park & ride lots to serve the needs of Douglas County residents who work in Topeka and Metro Kansas City. The lots could also serve shuttle bus needs for special event days in Lawrence. The study will also identify opportunities to encourage carpooling and coordination with commuter bus services and local transit services will be studied.

Fixed-Route Transit & Pedestrian Accessibility Study – this study will look at obstacles that transit riders face in accessing the fixed-route system and identify locations where improvements to the pedestrian environment can and should be made to improve and/or enable people to access fixed-route transit services. Issues with streets and sidewalks that currently prevent people from accessing the fixed-route system and force them to rely on paratransit will be studied. This study will also identify possible locations for bus turnouts that could make the bus boarding and exiting process more convenient and enhance traffic operations. This study includes all City T and KU routes that are open to the general public and part of the coordinated City-KU system.