Water Conservation Tips:

  • Prevent water, as well as your money, from being wasted by turning your irrigation system off when it rains.
  • Determine how many minutes your system must run to apply at a rate that can be absorbed by the soil without runoff.
  • Replace broken or missing sprinkler heads, check that rotor-type spray heads are turning properly and adjust heads to avoid throwing water onto the pavement.
  • Water as infrequently as possible without causing undue stress to your lawn.
  • Lawns only need to be watered when there are signs of needing water; usually every 5 to 7 days in the summer. Water your lawn slowly, during cool windless periods. Morning hours are most effective.
  • Apply 1/2 to 1 inch of water slowly enough to avoid runoff and puddles. Soak soil to a depth of 6 to 8 inches.
  • For garden planning, review concepts of low maintenance landscaping such as using mulch to reduce evaporation. Also, clean out and redirect down-spout gutters toward trees, plants and other landscaped areas. Rainfall will then take care of watering your landscape at no cost.
  • Remember to use a broom, not a hose to clean your driveway, patio or sidewalk.