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Comprehensive Plan Update

Lawrence and unincorporated Douglas County began the process of creating Horizon 2020 in 1991. At that time, Lawrence was home to just over 65,000 people, and the City comprised only about 5% of the county’s overall land. Twenty-two years later, Lawrence’s population has grown 34%, and the city has almost doubled in geographical size. As both Lawrence and Douglas County progress into the future, the challenges we face have evolved, and the needs of the residents are ones the first settlers could not have anticipated.

Building on the firm foundation of Horizon 2020, this new comprehensive planning study intendeds to further enhance and strengthen sections of the existing comprehensive plan, while making key changes to bring it more in-line with the reality of the area today. The comprehensive plan update process is currently in the beginning phase. During this phase, we are building awareness and looking for public opinion on how and what they want to see happen in the area in the future. We want your input throughout this process. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions, and ideas about the comprehensive plan and this process are welcome.

Contact Us

If you have any comments, ideas, or questions, you can email them to CompPlanUpdate@lawrenceks.org, or call the Planning Office at (785) 832-3150.

Horizon 2020 Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a 10-member advisory board that will meet on the 2nd Monday of each month through April 2015. Most meetings will be held in the City Commission Room on the first floor of City Hall. The Committee’s primary focus is to guide the process for amending Horizon 2020, and is charged with overseeing and guiding the process, including public education, issue identification, and prioritization of issues to submit to the Lawrence-Douglas County Metropolitan Planning Commission and the Governing Bodies of the City and County for review, and for reviewing the draft and final plan product.