Oread Neighborhood Design Guidelines

The Oread Neighborhood Design Guidelines were derived from an initiative included in the 2010 Oread Neighborhood Plan. The purpose of the guidelines is to provide a shared understanding of the principal design characteristics that shape and define the neighborhood. Over time, as the neighborhood changes and evolves, these essential design characteristics will be maintained and enhanced to ensure that the unique and historic character of the neighborhood remains.

These design guidelines give owners, developers, design review board members, city staff, and elected officials a clear understanding of the expectations of the design review process. The Design Guidelines should make the review process more predictable and help foster development that is compatible with the scale and physical character of the original buildings in the area while also preserving neighborhood character.

oread_neighborhood_design_guidelines_cover 2016-12-14-10_24_02-oread-design-guidelines-district-locator
Oread Neighborhood Design Guidelines: Final Guidelines District Locator Map