A building permit must be obtained from the Development Services Building Safety Division for nearly all types of one-family dwelling (single family house) or two-family dwelling unit (duplex) new building construction, additions, remodeling or repair work prior to start of construction. For additional information, consult the 1 & 2 Family Dwelling Building Permit Overview.

Information regarding City-adopted codes governing 1 & 2 family dwelling construction, remodeling and repair, permit applications and related forms/documents and guidance/educational information can be found below.

Adopted Building Codes Applicable to 1 & 2 Family Building Permits

1 & 2 Family Building Permit Application Forms/Documents

Residential Permit Fee Estimator

Permit fees are based on the Schedule of Permit Fees adopted in Chapter V, Art. 1, Sec. 5-176 of the Lawrence City Code (PDF), with most fees based on building permit project valuation.  Estimated fees will be different if project valuation changes during the building permit application and/or review process.

Other permit fees:

Permits for Residential Furnaces and Air Conditioners$65.00*
Permits for Solar, Thermal, and Photovoltaic Systems (requiring no structural change to the building)$65.00
Demolition Permits$100
*Per piece of equipment.

1 & 2 Family Building Permit Guidance/Educational Information