On September 5, 2017, the Lawrence City Commission adopted a new Sign Code (Ordinance No. 9391), which became effective on September 11, 2017. The City of Lawrence Sign Code (Chapter 5-18 of the Lawrence City Code) establishes the goals and purpose for regulation of signs in Lawrence, and sets forth standards for permanent and temporary signs. Sign standards limit the number, size (area), height and location of signs by sign type (permanent wall, freestanding, pedestrian and internal ground signs; changeable electronic message center signs; and temporary signs) based on the zoning or zoning overlay district, “character” district (e.g., historic district) or zoning land use classification for the lot or area on which signs are located, installed, hung and/or placed. Various additional sign restrictions and prohibitions are listed. Requirements for sign permits, sign contractor licensing, inspection of signs and maintenance of signs are set forth in the Sign Code, as are rules and procedures for appealing decisions or interpretations made by authorized Sign Code administrators, or requesting variances to sign regulations, to a Sign Code Board of Appeals.

Other Sign Code Information: