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  • Business Plan Template
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  • 3-Year Cash Flow Template
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  • Personal Financial Statement Template
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The City of Lawrence WELCOMES you and your small business!

Small business preparation starts with a commitment and desire from the small business owner/entrepreneur. An entrepreneur must learn to calculate their risk factors before, during and after their business start or expansion. For that purpose we have available tools and resources to help assist you on your small business journey.

Our available City Business Resource Guide will help expose possible growth opportunities to help your business advance — it contains many links to web-based resources intended to serve as roadmaps to starting or growing your business.

Lawrence Metro E-Community Revolving Loan Fund

Are you a Small Business Looking For Gap Financing?

The City of Lawrence Metro E-Community Loan Fund is now Accepting Applications.  This program will establish Lawrence’s first revolving loan fund with the purpose of  providing  the “Urban Entrepreneur” with access to gap financing and economic opportunities.

Who Qualifies?

  1. One or more must be applicable to business:
    • Businesses located in a distressed area (20%+ live below poverty level),
    • Owned by woman, veteran, minority, or someone of disadvantaged status,
    • Businesses that currently employ or will employ low-income employees,
    • Businesses whose products/service supports disadvantaged/underserved populations,
    • Businesses whose mission is to serve disadvantaged/underserved populations.
  2. Business must be located in Douglas County or City of Lawrence.
  3. Must operate as a for profit.
  4. Business Plan’s shall be reviewed by KU’s Small Business Development Center.
  5. Each businesses will be required to comply with all applicable codes within the City of Lawrence or Douglas County.
  6. Applicants that are awarded will need to participate in ongoing technical assistance or Metro E-Community, BizFuel or resource partners entrepreneurial functions with a scholarship or reduced rate.

Download The Lawrence Metro E-Community Details Here: