A police report may be made on any forgery which occurs within the city of Lawrence, Kansas.

An investigation for check forgeries will only be conducted if the following criteria are met:

  1. The business/individual must have the original check.
  2. The employee who accepted the check has been identified.
  3. The employee can describe the suspect, or there is a surveillance tape containing an identifiable image of the suspect, or the suspect has been identified, or there is an inked print on the check, or a vehicle license plate number has been identified.
  4. The reporting party must be the victim of the forgery, no reports shall be taken from a third party, such as a collection agency.
  5. Additionally, investigations will only be conducted if reported within 60 days of the forgery.

Check forgery reports that do not meet the criteria above can still be reported; however these reports will not be actively investigated.