Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident within the city limits of Lawrence, Kansas, you may be required to make a police report. The Uniform Code of Kansas Municipalities requires you to make a police report if the accident occurred on a city street and there is an injury, death or property damage over $1000 as a result of the accident.

This code also requires you to notify the police of accidents of this type by the most expedient means available.

Leaving the scene of an accident meeting the criteria requiring a report carries stiff penalties. All parties including drivers and passengers are required to remain at the scene until released by a Police Officer.

The best way to notify police of an accident is to remain at the scene and have a passerby contact police. If there are no injuries and the vehicles can be safely moved, they should be moved to a public parking lot or off the high-traffic roadway. Remaining at the scene provides you and the officer the best opportunity to accurately document your motor vehicle accident.

Remaining at the scene also allows medical personnel to attend to those who have been injured. IF YOU ARE INJURED, DO NOT MOVE UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN ATTENDED TO BY MEDICAL PERSONNEL.