Neighborhood Resource Officer (NRO)

The NRO is a law enforcement officer that acts as a liaison between the Lawrence Police Department, the community and a variety of city agencies.  The NRO assists with public education, crime prevention, neighborhood specific problems and help with coordination of other city services and departments to ensure a professional response to the citizens of Lawrence.

The NRO works with citizens, civic groups, schools and property owners in organizing and evaluating effective crime prevention programs.  The NRO is responsible for issues and concerns in a neighborhood that are ongoing or simply demand more attention, investigative work or time than can be reasonably allotted during the course of a routine patrol call.

The NRO have proactive interaction with the citizens of Lawrence in a wide variety of public relations efforts such as:

  • Neighborhood Watch Programs
  • Residential Safety
  • Personal/ Business Crime Prevention
  • Neighborhood Association meetings
  • Crime Information Bulletins/Alerts
  • Handouts and Information Distribution
  • Bank and Business Security Presentations
  • Police Academy Recruiting Efforts
  • Recruitment for Citizens Academy
  • Internet Safety Programs
  • Health Fairs
  • McGruff appearances/Officer Friendly
  • Department tours for Boy/Girl Scouts and other civic groups
  • Attendance at City Commission Meetings

The NRO is responsible for tracking neighborhood problems and crimes that affect the overall quality of life in a neighborhood and require repeated patrol response.  Some of those problems include:


  • Track graffiti cases and follow-up on graffiti removal with Planning and Development Services.
  • Notify property owners concerning their duty to remove graffiti (both private and public property).

 Disturbing the Peace

  • Track and monitor monthly noise calls to identify repeat violations or problem residences.
  • Work with landlords and property owners to share information, resolve problems and avoid future complaints.

Disorderly Nuisance House

  • Track and monitor convictions of law violations at residences.
  • Send a courtesy letter to residences and the property owner after first conviction.
  • Participate in pre-prosecution abatements with property owners, tenants and City staff after second criminal violation.
  • Assist in the prosecution under the Disorderly/Nuisance House ordinance for properties that continue disrupt the neighborhood or be locations for repeated criminal activity.